Currently I design and manage cloud infrastructures based on AWS services with medium-high loads with attention to scalability, security and best practices.

I use Docker to implement microservices for greater application scalability and local development more compliant with the remote environment.

Where possible, I prefer Serverless and SaaS to facilitate infrastructure management and having a better focus on development.

I have experience in the field Frontend (Vue.js, React, JavaScript vanilla), Backend (PHP, Laravel, Magento, Wordpress, NodeJS), DevOps (Gitlab runner, Bitbucket pipeline, Travis) and SysAdmin (Ubuntu, CentOS, Docker, AWS).

Professional Skills

Cloud Solutions
Server Administration
Data Management
Code Management
Progressive Web App
Monitoring and Analysis
Notification System



I gained most of my knowledge with the work experience and in-depth study of the technologies used.

My first experience was based on desktop applications development using Java and C#, which I still have a good experience of.

I took my first steps in the web world by developing themes and plugins for CMS like WordPress, Magento and Prestashop taking care of resposive design and performance by using resources compression and Cloudfront CDN.

I still develop custom web-based applications using frameworks like Laravel and Slimframework, designing from functionalities to MySQL database schemas.

I have experience working with various frontend development libraries: jQuery, base knowledge of AngularJS 1 and Tree.js for 3D graphics and various experiences with A-Frame. Some experience with React.

Excellent knowledge of the JavaScript framework Vue.js in combination with Nuxt for the web and Electron for desktop applications for all operating systems.

I have a solid experience in using NodeJS and Web Sockets to offer the maximum user experience in response speed with real time notifications and experience in using NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Elasticsearch.

I know how to optimize websites to facilitate indexing by search engines and monitoring of web marketing campaigns.

Amazon Web Services

I'm specialized in configuration and administration of customized AWS infrastructures with attention to scalability and high reliability.

I have experience in computing services (EC2, ASG, RDS, Elasticache) and containers (ECR, ECS, Fargate), integrated with monitoring and logging systems (CloudWatch, CloudWatchLog, SNS), with isolated resources (VPC, Subnet, Nat Gateway , Route53), usage-optimized storage (EFS, S3, Glacier, EBS), with protection through security layers (Security Group, IAM, Amazon Inspector, WAF) and content delivery (CloudFront, Lambda @ Edge).

Project and development of Serverless applications (Lambda, API Gateway, Cognito, DynamoDB, SQS), with an eye to performance (X-Ray), managing IoT (IoT Core) and machine learning (Lex, Polly, Rekognition) integrations with loads managed in code (SQS) and event driven pattern (CloudWatchEvent, EventBridge, SNS).

I continue to study to improve my knowledge of services and best recommended practices. I got certified as AWS Certified Solutions Architect in 2018.

Organizer of AWS User Group Cuneo.


Serverless DevOps bot on AWS

How to use Serverless tecnologies to orchestrate infrastracture interaction from developer and operations team using a Slack bot.

Meetup - AWS IoT

AWS IoT Core service presentation event, how it works, how to create and manage your IoT devices.

Meetup - Serverless

Introductory event to the Serverless world, what it is, what are the pros and cons of this technology.

Meetup - AWS Introduction

Introductory event to the world of the cloud, in particular on AWS services. An overview of the services offered by AWS.

17 Gen 2018 - Amazon Web Services

BackendDev & DevOps

Gen 2017 - Oggi
Bitbull - Milan

PHP backend development with verticalization on CMS Magento developing modules and integrations.

Administration of staging and production environments hosted on AWS, build pipelines, configurations CI/CD and management of versions release process.

Infrastructure monitoring with alarms and notifications, development of automation with Serverless technologies.

Design and management of Docker clusters with Swarm and ECS, creating images for local development.


Introduction to Docker, what is, how it works. How to pack your application into a Docker image.

Web Developer & Cloud Administrator

Aug 2015 - Dec 2016
Bagubits - Cuneo

Administration of the IT infrastructure with AWS services and cloud configurations based on Docker in order to be able to scale the client's website without downtime (Blue-Green deployment). Web space and client mail server management with security implementations and alarms in case of intrusion.

Development of web applications based on PHP Laravel framework, APIs development with NodeJS, build of GruntJS scripts to compress and optimize the frontend.

Experience with NoSQL MongoDB and AWS DynamoDB databases.

Web & Software Developer

Nov 2013 - Aug 2015
Bagubits - Cuneo

Themes and plugins development for Wordpress CMS, Magento and Prestashop. Frontend development with jQuery libraries for websites and AngularJS for more complex wep apps.

Solid experience in planning and managing MySQL and SQL Express databases. Design and development of C# applications with experience in industrial automation field. Brief experience in Arduino hardware projects.

IT Technician

Gen 2013 - Aug 2013
La Culla s.r.l. - Bolzano

Installation and configuration of BeEStore management software and staff tutoring about its usage.

Handling of the Microsoft SQL Express database, building of import system using an Excel file with VB.NET functions to ease data entry and inventory synchronization.

Custom reports genaration with barcode coding functions. Management and maintenance of Microsoft server and internal network.

Network Technician

Jun 2011 - Jul 2011
Multiwire s.r.l. - Cuneo

Research and implementation of a monitoring system for computer networks on Linux.

Script automation procedures and networks scans for testing and troubleshooting.

Web Developer

Jun 2010 - Jul 2010
Cuneo Province - Cuneo

Data entry web internet/intranet applications. Editing institutional portal web pages: content converting from the institutional portal pages to the Drupal CMS.

Tutoring to provincial users during a training session on Wordpress CMS and system Windows OS basic usage.

My projects

Deploys an AWS Synthetics Canary

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Serverless Component to stores project's sharing configs and retrieve them via component outputs

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Serverless Component to deploy AWS System Manager Document

JavaScript Shell
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Gridsome plugin for i18n

44 6 14

Serverless Meta Component used to deploy multiple components from one serverless.yml file

0 0 0

Serverless plugin to easily create SSM documents

1 0 3


IoT Home Automation bridge for Google Home and Alexa

0 0 0

Serverless plugin to deploy functions to Greengrass Group

3 1 7

Execute command in any directories that contain a specific file

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Node.js ES6 Boilerplate

3 1 0

AWS Greengrass SDK Wrapper for JavaScript

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Serverless plugin to easily deploy a static website frontend

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0 0 0

Serverless plugin to handle microservices architecture

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A serverless plugin to easily share CloudFormation template and code's artifact produced by serverless.

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Serverless plugin to easily create DynamoDB tables

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Run Gitlab runners locally

Dockerfile Shell
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8 2 1


Mi Home IoT integrations

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AWS Lambda management to control IoT devices

Makefile JavaScript
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My contributions

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